A custom-made new outfit

Een geschilderde wand met het woord 'nat' gemaakt van afplak-tape

AkzoNobel wanted a redesign of its international website for consumer paint. The pillars of our solution are uniformity, flexibility and convenience, assuring the brand value of AkzoNobel is guaranteed, and allowing countries to easily customize the website.

How can you mix uniformity and flexibility?

As a multinational company, AkzoNobel serves dozens of local markets worldwide - and that has implications for digital communication. For example, the consumer site for paint is offered in 46 countries. How can you, during a redesign, radiate a strong brand value while at the same time offering more flexibility to local markets? Without overlooking the different user groups? Our UX employees have developed just the solution.

The users' perspective

DIYers have different needs for information than customers who outsource painting projects. The AkzoNobel website must serve these groups equally well. The basis of our work is therefore research. This means reviewing existing studies from the marketing department and web statistics, as well as creating customer journeys in which the pains of user groups are identified. We then developed appropriate solutions, such as a paint calculator that helps DIYers calculate how much paint they need.

It was a real challenge for me to find the right balance between uniformity, flexibility and convenience in all my design solutions for AkzoNobel.

Denny Hurkmans

Interaction designer


A box full of useful building blocks

In a scrum team we delivered new functionality in sprints of two weeks. As a result, an ever-growing collection of useful building blocks has been created. Thanks to these blocks, countries can build content pages themselves, and choose whether or not to use elements such as a product or image module. With the color module, they can quickly determine and adjust the use of color. And the text module helps countries easily manage their own copy.

UX in front of and behind the screens

In addition to redesigning the website for consumers, we also delivered a new site for professional painters in various local markets. Furthermore, we contributed to the improvement of the design process, and the creation of a component library. Our UX lead coordinated all these projects. For example, we helped AkzoNobel streamline its digital products and services, both in front of and behind the scenes.

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