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Twee medewerksters van het callcenter van CZ

In a call center, it isn't about minutes but about seconds. We made a content and UX design for healthcare insurer CZ for their Customer Contact Center, ensuring that customers get the right answer immediately.

Two birds with one stone

Health insurance company CZ asked us to redesign their customer service knowledge bank. Employees use it to answer customer questions (about terms and conditions, for example). Quality and efficiency are crucial for such customer interactions. To improve them, we not only tackled the content of the knowledge bank, but also the interaction of application which sits above it.

Content in intelligent pieces

To begin, our content designer started addressing the content. After an analysis, he designed model structures: a fixed design for different information types. Call center employees can now better recognize and scan information, and content managers can maintain them more easily. Content is now divided into compact pieces of text, meaning that CZ can easily and purposefully use the information across different channels, such as the knowledge bank, email or chat.

Write your own darlings

Under the guidance of our content designer, CZ staff rewrote 1,300 articles in six months. It began with a customer focus: articles could only contain details that were relevant to answering questions. We also advised CZ on content management. This ensures that the content of the knowledge bank remains up-to-date for the long term.

The new knowledge bank enables our call center agents to help clients with better and richer answers. It also guarantees all answers are complete and correct.

Ilse van Hout



Knowledge and advice from a single source

Parallel to the content design of the knowledge bank, a project was started to improve a customer advice system used by the call center. CZ recognized that it's difficult for employees to switch between different systems' screens during a telephone conversation. As a result, the two solutions were merged into one overarching call center application.

Learning from real-life usage

Our UX designer addressed the interaction of this application. Following a thorough analysis of user behavior and needs, she designed new screens and developed them together with a scrum team. Since the launch, the motto has been learning from real-life usage. New functionality is determined and released on the basis of weekly user surveys. The user-friendliness of the application is continuously improved. And CZ customers get correct and complete answers to their questions even faster.

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