ING Labs

An accelerator for innovation

Innovatieve diensten en bedrijfsmodellen voor ING Labs

Informaat is a partner of ING Labs. Together we develop innovative services and business models that deliver value for end users. These innovations frequently extend beyond traditional banking.

Perfect match

ING Labs brings disruptive ideas to the market by combining its knowledge and network with the knowledge and skills of others. In order to be able to innovate quickly, ING Labs uses the PACE methodology - its own way of innovating, which combines Design Thinking, Scrum and Lean Startup, in a structured process. Informaat's service design approach fits in perfectly alongside.

From in-depth interviews to guerrilla testing

Innovation starts with a good understanding of user needs. Informaat's service designers are used to collecting customer insights. Depending on the situation, we apply different methods such as in-depth interviews, ethnographic research and Facebook experiments. Or we pragmatically hit the street to carry out guerrilla tests. It's all about learning as quickly as possible what people want to achieve, how they act and why they behave in a certain way. This is essential information to develop truly valuable propositions.

Build, measure, learn

In all phases of the innovation process we work according to the mantra of The Lean Startup: "build, measure, learn". In other words: we always validate our ideas and their effects, and learn from the feedback from users. In all teams, we continuously experiment to ensure that the best solution is what end users really want.

Co-creation for innovation

We have supported several innovation teams within ING Labs. Thanks in part to our knowledge and experience, several innovative concepts have been realized. Our service designers contribute qualitative research, quantitative validation, ideation and co-creation with end users and partners.