Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

A swift flow from concept to site

Design websites and for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

For the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment we designed two water-related websites: 'Ons Water' and 'Overstroom ik?'. Moreover, we built the latter in a short space of time.

Dutch more water-aware and self-reliant

Having clean, safe and sufficient water does not happen by itself. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment wants to make residents of the Netherlands more aware of the costs and measures undertaken for clean and sufficient water supplies, and water safety. What do the national and local governments and water boards do, and what can you do as a citizen yourself?

Playfully triggering the user

Based on a customer journey ('fun-fact-fear-learn-act'), we have designed two websites, the purposes of which are to make users more water-conscious and to encourage them to take measures themselves. The website Ons Water stimulates you to learn more about clean, safe and sufficient water in your own environment. The website provides insights into the risks of flooding.

A tablet and a smartphone with the website Overstroom Ik?
Making water visible in your environment

What would be the maximum flood level in my street during a major flood? How hard is the water that comes out of my tap? Who manages the water in my region, and what types of water-related projects are underway? On the basis of your postcode, overstroom.ik gives you insights, through interactive cards and with attractive infographics.

With motivated people and innovative designs, we've better highlighted water awareness for the Dutch.

Ruud Ruissaard

Project leader


Insight into flood risks at your location

Using the website you can fill in your postcode to see how high the floodwater might reach, and what to do if there is a threat of flooding. For example, whether leaving is the right choice, which roads you can best take or avoid, and where you find dry shelter.

Quickly testing the watertightness of your concept

We developed both concept designs as interactive and responsive prototypes, so that the ministry could carry out user tests early on in the project. Based on the findings, we tightened up the designs. We also developed a style guide, content templates and editorial guidelines for the production and management of the sites. Moreover, we launched the website in a short space of time.

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