Design thinking in the organization's DNA

Rozen in een bloemenkas

As a strategic design partner, we have carried out dozens of design projects and helped Priva to professionalise its own UX expertise. Priva has transformed itself from an IT to a UX-focused company.

Need for consistent UX

Priva is the market leader in high technology climate control technology. To maintain this position, Priva has enabled us in 2008 to develop products with:

  • A consistent UX across different product lines.
  • More ease of use.
  • Better support in localization and translation for the international market.
Shared customer view thanks to service design

Instead of focusing directly on specific problem areas, we first performed a service design project. How and when do customers use the products and what is the interaction between roles in the service delivery? With personas, customer journeys and a service ecosystem we were able to build and record a good customer image. Priva could then share this with the entire organization.

Informaat has laid a robust UX foundation within Priva. We are now able to continue UX innovation with our own people, design methods, and tools.

Anneke van de Langkruis

Manager Strategic Design


Strategic design as a common thread

The results of the service design trajectory formed the basis for our later concept and detailed design. Think of design of a company website, library with graphical elements, visual identity for software to web applications. The attention to design has led to significantly better products.

Innovate independently

UX design is too important to leave only to external employees, as Priva realized over time. We have therefore helped Priva to build its own expertise, recruit UX professionals and set up a UX design studio. UX design has thus become an internal core competency.