Innovation and intuitive software

De laad- en los- platforms voor vrachtwagens bij een magazijn

Logistics require smart solutions. We help Slimstock to translate complex tasks and processes into simple to use, innovative software.

From complex to simple

Slimstock have been supplying international software for supply optimization for more than 25 years. Its users are global experts: buyers, planners and logistics managers. Their tasks and processes are complex, and the information density high. But experts want an application that is also simple to use. Together with Slimstock, we develop a new responsive web application that is innovative and intuitive to operate.

Pillars for optimal design

How do you develop accessible software that can be used internationally? Our guiding principles are:

  • Task-oriented solutions: functionality that connects to user tasks, such as purchasing and supply analysis.
  • Data visualizations: use of easily-readable dashboards and graphs.
  • Layered information: different levels of basic and detailed information.
  • 'Management by exception': highlighting important information, such as an imminent supply shortage.
Innovation using imagination

From initial sketches and wireframes to fully elaborated visual designs - we make ideas tangible with visualizations during every stage of design. Our team and Slimstock can therefore:

  • Present ideas in an accessible way.
  • Easily validate and sharpen up designs.
  • Create support and enthusiasm.
  • Set priorities and enforce more efficient decision making.
  • Achieve the right focus during development.

With our regular design partner Informaat, we can develop user-friendly and future-proof solutions for our customers.

Eric van Dijk



A design guaranteed to work

Our UX designers and front-end developers work closely together, making our designs easy to implement. Moreover, we start by thinking of responsive solutions. We also work in an agile manner, delivering adjusted or new functionality in sprints. We check all designs for implementaton issues for both the front-end and back-end. We also draw up the necessary specs and documentation for the development, so that other teams can take the work forward.

Acceleration thanks to a design system

Our team has created a design system with, among other things, a component library. This means that 90% of screens can now be designed by reusing existing components, saving time and money and ensuring consistency. Thanks to the design system, we can quickly and smoothly develop new modules. For example, we have designed a mobile performance app for logistics managers in no time. Thanks to our long-term cooperation with Slimstock, their customers can more easily manage their supplies, whenever and wherever.

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