Front-ender meet-up at design agency Informaat

Sneak Peek frontend

As a frontender, would you like to take a look at a renowned design agency? Then this is your chance.

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Friday 14 February, 2:00 PM

- 4:00 PM


Jacob van Lenneplaan 57, 3743 AP Baarn


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Sneak Peek?

We regularly hear from front-enders that they are curious about how designers and developers work together. With us, these specialists often work together daily on design systems and applications for enterprises and software companies. Our front-end lead Vincent Smedinga would like to tell you more about it. Without directly applying for a job, you come into contact with experienced colleagues. In turn, we like to get to know many people in our field. But don't worry, we're not going to call or otherwise spam you, so feel free to sign up.

Who should join?

Anyone who is interested in a look behind the scenes at Informaat is welcome to attend. This Sneak Peek will be focussed on:

  • Front-ender

  • Front-end developer

  • Front-end designer

  • UX-engineer

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Take part in our i-TED sessions

Share experiences

Come and talk 1-on-1 with experienced front-enders and / or UX-designers

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Taste the atmosphere in our office villa and see how we do things

Sneak Peek Informaat


Sneak Peek afternoon

In an hour we introduce our agency and we take you through our experiences and products in projects that we are currently working on. You will meet some of our colleagues and have the opportunity to fire your questions at us. Then you can join our colleagues who attend the i-TED and we conclude with a drink.

  • Introduction to Informaat
  • Project experiences
  • i-Ted with Vincent Smedinga and others
  • A drink

I thought it was a very varied, refreshing and especially surprising afternoon. A very nice way to get to know Informaat. Really a look behind the scenes. Inspiring, open, friendly, personal and fascinating.

Silje Harthoorn

Senior UX-recruiter


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Missed the last Sneak Peek?

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