Content design

Smart design for success

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Content is crucial for the customer experience. We design it intelligently so that your content is efficient, customer-friendly and creative.

A solution for every content issue

Does your organization need content for a new website, knowledge base or app? Or do you want to make your existing content suitable for reuse on multiple channels, or for personalization? We are happy to help you design, structure and produce content across all channels. We always think about this from the perspective of the user or customer. We are at home in all markets and sectors, and have knowledge of content modeling, CMS templates, metadata, web guidelines, and copywriting.

Content on order + customized content

Interaction with your users is not limited to one screen in an application, or one channel. How do you ensure consistent content? And how do you respond to the different information needs of users? Consistent content starts with smart structuring and modeling. We analyze which types (services, products, processes, etcetera.) your content collection consists of. We create content models and translate them into practical templates for authors and reviewers. We provide advice on the use of metadata, so that you can offer content specifically to different target groups on one or more channels.

Nothing is as good as designing content from the basis to the finishing touch.

Barbara Werdmuller

Content designer


Clear guidelines

Successful content doesn't come about by chance. We draw up clear rules for creating and managing content in your organization. This can consist of, for example, editorial guidelines that ensure that texts, images and videos:

  • Are usable and match the design.
  • Are in line with the corporate identity of your organization.
  • Are understandable and easily accessible to different target groups.
  • Are suitable for responsive design; they 'work' on all screen sizes.
  • Can be used on websites in multiple languages.
Discovering the right tone

Does your organization already have its own tone and voice? A well-thought-out tone and voice is indispensable, because it ensures that your organization has a recognizable face and speaks with a single voice across all channels and touchpoints. It means your copywriters have clear guidelines, and the needs of your customers are better met. In short, you achieve greater impact with your content.

Our content team (content designers and UX copywriters) develops a tone and voice that matches the brand values of your organization. They also write customer-friendly, consistent and creative copy, independently or together with your copywriters or web editors.

What we can do for you
  • Develop content models and author templates.
  • Prepare and executing a CMS selection project.
  • Draw up guidelines for tone and voice.