UX design

Clear, creative and buildable

Een man en een vrouw aan het werk achter grote beeldschermen

We translate your digital strategy into a clear and creative design that matches your customers' motivations, and with which you can quickly bring your digital product or service to life.

Understand, ideate, create

Are you looking to create a new website, application, intranet, or mobile app? We stand ready to do everything to make your digital touchpoint a success. Our standard approach has three phases: 'Understand, Ideate, Create'. We perform user research, visualize ideas, create a concept and then develop a prototype that we validate with real users. We draw up guidelines and design briefs for detailed design. We supply the design elements that are needed for a quick realization of your product or service. And above all, we keep asking ourselves: "Can it be even easier, simpler, clearer?"

Being in the shoes of your users

A successful concept is in line with your customers' needs. With relevant functionality and strong content, you can even surpass their expectations. That is why we always start by researching your customers. Who are they? In what context do they use your digital product or service, and what do they want to achieve? In all our design decisions, the user experience is our core focus.

My role as UX designer goes beyond just delivering good UX designs. I get my energy from involving the whole team in my design approach, and together we work on the best solution for the customer.

Beau Hagenaars



Visualizing and testing

We translate initial ideas into visualizations as quickly as possible. Interaction, graphic work and content are all addressed at this time. Our sketches and storyboards immediately demonstrate the impact of choices. We test a concept early and further improve it on the basis of feedback from users. This is where a prototype proves its added value. First in low fidelity, then further elaborated in a clickable model. Furthermore, content is crucial for a successful user experience. Therefore we do'nt use 'lorem ipsum', but realistic copy that proves that the concept works in reality.

Custom-made agile processes

We like to work in an agile manner; iteratively and in small, multidisciplinary (scrum) teams. This allows us to make quick strokes and interim adjustments. Does your organization work with a remote or offshore development team, or do you need design specifications? No problem. We provide deliverables that you can easily hand over: wireframes, interactive hi-fi prototypes, and design specifications. And of course, we offer guidance during development.

The benefits of reusability

Digital services and applications often contain fixed, recurring elements that you want to be able to offer to your customers in a uniform way. We identify the core interactions within your service or application, and translate these into design patterns. Our front-enders then develop reusable components that we store alongside any other guidelines in a library, giving you a solid basis for consistency in your digital service, as well as an excellent customer experience. Furthermore, during realization, your organization saves both time and money.

What we can do for you
  • Carry out a UX review of your current site, application or app.
  • Concept development and the design of an application, or application ecosystem.
  • Design sprints to develop and test new ideas.