Content in design systems

Content forms a crucial part of the user experience. Design systems are the ‘single source of truth’ for efficiently designing digital services with an excellent UX. So content should be an integral part of such a system.

More than a toolkit

What often started as a collection of design templates or a component library, has developed into a ‘single source of truth’ for all digital expressions of organisations and companies. Should content also be part of that source? We think it should.

The five most prominent benefits

The integration of content in your design system has many advantages, for the organisation as well as for the user. The five most prominent benefits are:

  1. Consistent use of language, terminology and tone of voice.
  2. More efficient design and development of components and patterns.
  3. Less duplicates or rework.
  4. Better alignment of developers, designers and content specialists.
  5. An improved overall cross-channel user experience.

What are the benefits?



separate approach towards design, content, and development.


collaborate work on digital experiences.



rework to components or content due to mismatches.


the matching structure of design elements and content .



designers and developers not being able to find the rules and regulations they need.


complete and accessible documentation for everyone.

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