About us

We design services and solutions that enrich people’s lives

True experience. We design services and solutions that enrich your life

We use our hearts and minds to design digital services that help both people and organizations to bring out the best in themselves. Services that add meaning to people’s lives and work. And we support organizations in developing this capability themselves.

We are a design agency

We believe in the power of True experience design

As designers we want to make the world a better place by creating services that are valuable, authentic, and credible. We call it TrueX design. The result: a strong (digital) strategy and a design well thought through, in all the details of the service.

Design for shared values

Today, people like to know what an organization stands for before they decide to use their services. They are even prepared to pay more if a brand shares their own values.

We often see organizations struggling to be of real value to their customers in terms of sustainability, inclusivity, good employment practices, and so on. Things need not all be of world saving caliber though. Services can add value on many levels that may range from very basic and functional to more emotional and meaningful levels.

One can create more profound connections with customers on every level and increase customer loyalty in return. Organisations that are smart will try to precisely understand which shared values create the deepest connections with their customers.

The intersection of values

The most interesting part is where organizational and customer values overlap. Also for us. We believe that only services that are valuable, authentic, and credible will help people get the best out of their lives, their work, and themselves. TrueX design. That makes us tick.

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Touches on real values and needs in people

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Stems from an organization’s DNA

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Delivers on promises in all channels

TrueX team in action

Our team

With a drive to establish real connections, we innovate and improve products and services.

Not a little or superficially. But totally and thoroughly. That's just the way we are. And we see that our approach is needed and inspires others. We are designers with different expertises, ranging from interaction design, visual design, content strategy, ux writing, and front-end development to strategic advice. In the background, we have have a team of coaches in support of our people. What connects us all is to strive for the better.

That is the reason why we enjoy working with organizations that want to create truly valuable experiences. We believe in the power of co-creation. Co-creating things brings out the best in ourselves and makes it more fun. We inspire one another by sharing new trends and developments and being each others sparring partners. We value sharing ideas in blogs and meet-ups. Do come and visit us whenever you like.

B Corp

Informaat is a B Corp and we are proud of that. It is an international recognition of the values we pursue: we are committed to positive impact, not only for shareholders, but for all people, society and the planet. Working for positive impact fits our mission as a digital design firm.

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