Our complete design solutions.

Value propositions

Enhance your offering into a profitable prototype with vision

Valuable and intelligent propositions for your customers of tomorrow. Validated and aligned with your customer and your strategy.

Service concepts

Fulfill your promise with a heart and soul interface

Transform your product, service, or innovation into a tangible digital experience with Informaat's intuitive value-driven interfaces. Whether an SME or a multinational, we design sustainable user solutions. We make it real, from the heart and soul.

Design systems

Improve and refine your applications through clearly defined principles, styles, and components

A treasure trove for all elements and guidelines that shape your organization's digital customer experience. This is your design system. Here begins the excellent experience you want to offer to the customer.

Omnichannel content strategy

Provide valuable content across all your channels

Customer interaction takes place across multiple channels. The common thread in the customer experience is the content. With a robust omnichannel content strategy, you ensure the success of your customer's experience on every channel.

Dedicated expertise

Expand your team with our experts

In addition to complete design solutions, we can help you with expertise to complement your team. We have people happy to help you with the big picture or the smallest button.

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