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We established and helped implement an omnichannel content strategy for ABN AMRO. This allows ABN AMRO to firmly grasp the content, guiding the customer along their journey.

How do you create powerful content across all channels?

For an optimal customer experience, consistent and relevant content is essential. Especially for large organizations, it is a challenge to provide the right content at every customer touchpoint and across all channels. A well-thought-out strategy is necessary. But where do you start? How do you get a complete overview of all content? Which perspectives do you choose? And how do you then implement your strategy? ABN AMRO wanted more control over the content and asked us to develop a content strategy that contributes to the bank's strategic goals.

The core of a good strategy

Powerful content goes beyond good content. Structure is just as important because it makes content easily findable and personalizable. And beyond these directly visible aspects, the people involved, processes, and tooling behind the scenes play a large role. We tackle all these aspects by approaching content from four perspectives: content, structure, workflow, and management. At the heart, we place the content principles that stem from brand values and strategic goals.

The start: a content audit

At ABN AMRO, we began with a content audit: an analysis and evaluation of the existing content. Consider all text, images, audio, and video on ABN AMRO's websites and apps. This audit provides insights into:

  • The current relevance and quality of content (such as the match with ABN AMRO's brand voice).
  • The findability and searchability of content.
  • Configuration of the CMS.
  • Publication process and workflow.
  • Guidelines for content.

“Informaat developed a solid content strategy and roadmap for ABN AMRO. Informaat also excellently assisted us in implementing the strategy step-by-step within the bank.”
Stephan de Ruiter - Head of Omnichannel Design and Content Transformation, ABN AMRO

The compass: the roadmap

Based on the audit results, we created a roadmap with concrete objectives and results for the four perspectives. The roadmap shows at a glance which steps ABN AMRO is implementing its content strategy with.

  • Cleaning up content across all websites and apps.
  • Improving the quality and responsiveness of content.
  • A new search engine and optimal use of metadata.
  • Cleaning up and reconfiguring the CMS.
  • Guidelines and checklists for content specialists, compiled in a Wiki.
  • Further training for content specialists.

Sustainable results: Triple A content

Together with the team from ABN AMRO, we began implementing the omnichannel content strategy on the corporate website. The result? A significantly streamlined site, faster load times, better findable content, and increased customer satisfaction. A side effect is that customers call the call center less often. Content specialists can efficiently manage content thanks to a cleaned-up CMS, clear guidelines, and workflows, weekly reports, and a dashboard. This way, ABN AMRO can consistently realize Triple A content: content that scores top marks in terms of content, structure, workflow, and process.


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