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Staying in control of your digital ID

Fietsers op een kruispunt in Amsterdam

Who do you allow to make copies of your passport? Do you ever email or app a photo of your driver's license? These are potential situations for online identity fraud. The municipality of Amsterdam is designing and developing a digital identity for all Amsterdam citizens. The app allows them to securely share their data and ensures that their digital rights are protected.

Vulnerable data

We share lots of personal data with each other and with organizations. It's hard to keep track: with whom do we share our data, and what do they do with it? Organizations have a growing challenge to meet privacy regulations. A new way is needed to identify ourselves and to share personal data. The municipality of Amsterdam wants to enable their residents to safely share their data, and to protect their rights online.

With residents, for residents

We were asked to ‘design a digital identity manager for residents of Amsterdam’. Our UX designers and service designers worked together with a group of residents to visualize their privacy needs in the real world (think wallets or keyrings), and to translate this to the digital domain - a wallet containing your data. This service design process was the start of a collaboration with the ‘Privacy by Design’ foundation. Design and tech effort resulted in a redesign of the foundation’s IRMA app, based on ease of use, security and inclusiveness.

Privacy by design

IRMA enables you to identify yourself to organizations in a privacy-friendly way. You always see what an organization wants to know about you, and it is up to you to decide whether you share this information. This way you do not share more than what is strictly necessary – you’re in control of your own data. For example, with IRMA you can prove that you are older than 18, or 65, without having to disclose your exact age. Or you can prove that you live in a certain neighborhood, without having to share your exact address. This reduces the risk of fraud with personal data and companies cannot build up a profile of you.

"The IRMA app was originally developed by people with a background in privacy and computer security. Informaat has played a crucial role during the development of IRMA by focusing on its users and their user experience. Now, their designs are crucial for the success of IRMA."

Bart Jacobs

Privacy by Design Foundation

Positive reactions

Our designers have designed concepts, dialogues and screens, and validated these designs with the users. Based on the feedback from the users, adjustments have been made and these adjustments were tested as well. The test users rated the app very positive.

Want to try the IRMA app yourself?

On the website "Try IRMA" residents of Amsterdam can try IRMA without consequences and experience for themselves how to use the app in different ways. IRMA can be downloaded from the Apple Store or the Google Play store.

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