Design system

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Design systems

A single place for all guidelines and elements that determine the digital customer experience of your organization. That is your design system. Here is where the excellent experience that your organization wants to offer the customer starts.

More consistency in the customer experience

Maybe you recognize the scenario: your organization knows very well how it wants to appeal to and convince customers, but the way in which this happens in practice differs per department and discipline. This results in large discrepancies in form, style and quality between physical and digital touchpoints, as well as an incoherent customer experience. With a design system, you lay the foundation for the best customer experience.

From brand values to reusable code

In a design system, you assemble all the useful material that contributes to an efficient and consistent design of relevant services for your customers. For example:

  • Brand values.
  • Personas.
  • Color palettes.
  • Design principles.
  • Design patterns.
  • Reusable code.
A screen of the United appDesign mobile app UnitedOne of our designs for the United app

Putting your design system into place

First we determine together what will and will not be included in the design system. Thereafter we review existing material for relevance and topicality, and update where necessary. If it turns out that something is missing, we add it. And if something is insufficiently applicable company wide, we first make it reusable. We do all this in consultation with every stakeholder, creating support for the design system throughout your organization.

Long-lasting embedding

Every organization has already established knowledge and methods that contribute to customer experience. Setting up a design system therefore needn't take much time. However a good design system is never 'finished', and always continues to grow with best practices. That's why the structure of your organization also deserves attention. We answer questions such as: "Where does the design system stand?", "Who is responsible for it?", And, "How do you keep it clear and relevant?" This allows you to safeguard and embed the value of the design system within your organization.

A design system contains clearly-described principles, styles and components with which you can continue to improve and refine your applications over the long run.

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The value in a nutshell

  1. A single source for an excellent customer experience, fewer discussions between departments.
  2. A faster pace of innovation, thanks to shorter design and development times.
  3. Easier access to current design knowledge, and therefore fewer errors.
  4. Faster implementation of style changes.
  5. More efficient prototyping and training thanks to the integration of a sandbox.

What we can do for you

  • Advise on setting up your design system.
  • The initial set-up and population of your design system.
  • Organize the processes for the management of your design system.

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