Omnichannel content strategy

Valuable content across all channels

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Customer contact takes place across multiple channels. Content is the common thread throughout customer experience. With a good omnichannel content strategy, you ensure that the experience of your customer is successful on each channel.

A bridge between your organization and your customers

Behind successful content lies a smart strategy that answers a number of crucial questions. What are the goals of your organization and the customer? How do you achieve this with relevant content? How do you ensure that both the core as well as the tone of your message are the same, in every channel? And that the customer experiences your brand as consistent and attractive? We help you to use content as a bridge between your organization and your customers by approaching your content from four perspectives: content, structure, governance, and workflow.

An excellent content experience is an excellent customer experience.

Ineke van Gelder

Content strategist


Insight into improvement points of your content

What content do you deliver to your customers across various channels? To what extent does this content contribute to achieving the goals of your organization, and what is its quality? Formulating a strategy starts with gaining insight into your current content. To visualise the situation, we perform a scan or audit. Together with the organization we look at - and score - the content across four perspectives: the content itself, structure, governance, and workflow. Then we identify the desired situation. For example with content journeys providing insight into the required content across all touchpoints.

A solid architecture for flexible content

Customers nowadays expect customized content. Therefore we add metadata to your content so that your customers receive relevant content based on their profile. And we structure your content so that you can use it in a flexible manner. For example, we store content in a single repository and divide it into smaller units. You can then decide for each channel what you do and do not show. You meet your customers' needs in the best possible way, without investing too much time or costs.

Organization and management

Good content requires good management. Our content strategists will help you to take content management to a higher level, so that it will be clear who is responsible for what, and how you carry out tasks efficiently. We map ownership and optimize creation and editing processes for text, images as well as social media. We can give you advice on a suitable CMS. The result will be a thorough approach for convincing and flexible content, with which you can achieve sustainable results.

What we can do for you
  • Perform a content audit.
  • Create content journeys.
  • Create an omnichannel content roadmap.