Value-driven design

Values-driven design

Looking for a new perspective on innovation? Come to our event. Together we'll investigate how to build a values-driven future.

Discover values-driven design

A different way of innovating. In a world that's changing faster than ever, organizations need new ways of innovating to keep up with the needs of their target audience and to stand out in the market.

Designing from values leads to meaningful and impactful products and services. It's about the combination of innovation, design, and purpose. It's about bringing intention, ethics, and social relevance into every step of innovation, every sketch, and every line of code you create.

In this second edition of Informaat's Values-Driven Design (WGO#2), we will explore the opportunities, dilemmas, and challenges of values-driven innovation with three speakers.

Bas van Abel (Fairphone)

"If you can't open it, you don't own it." Sustainable business at Fairphone.

Designer and entrepreneur Bas van Abel takes us on a journey in creating the world's first sustainable smartphone company, starting in the Congolese mines. He discusses some of the latest developments in environmentally friendly design, and how we might integrate fairer materials into supply chains worldwide.

Bas argues that by diving into the 'source code' of our products, we can better understand the economic, political, cultural, and social systems that produce them. This understanding promotes a shift from the traditional, passive consumer to an active owner, involved in the process of creation, production, and customization. A form of ownership that is part of a cultural and spiritual transformation necessary to address the major environmental issues and social challenges of today.

Victor Visser (Informaat)

Values-driven design in the manufacturing industry.

'Felicity the Facility Manager' would like to welcome her guests in a smart and sustainable way. Jos Sleutelbos, Head of Technical Services, wants his doors and gates to work.

Victor Visser takes us through the digital innovation projects for BoonEdam: manufacturer of revolving doors and entrance gates.

How to deal with the dilemma where meaningful values sometimes seem to clash with the operational nature of the sector. And how you can get out of that dilemma with value-driven design.

Astrid Poot (

Being intelligent in an age of AI. What values do you adhere to as a designer when using AI?

Is AI good for people or does it rather show laziness and neglect? Astrid Poot (thinker, maker) wonders about this with the thinking of Hannah Arendt as a guide. What's the problem with the trolley problem, and what does that have to do with generative AI?

Does AI solve problems, or does it reinforce existing, undesirable systems? In her talk, Astrid Poot calls for making your own judgments and perhaps even being professionally disobedient (Punk!).

Because only if we as humans interfere does the fairy tale of ever-advancing technology have a good ending.


  • 17.30 - 18.30: Walk-in and soup/healthy snacks.
  • 18.30 - 18.35: Welcome by Edwin Lieftink (moderator).
  • 18.35 - 19.20: If you can't open it, you don't own it. Sustainable business at Fairphone - Bas van Abel
  • 19.20 - 19.40: Break
  • 19.40 - 20.10: Values-Driven Design in the Manufacturing Industry. From carpentry factory to smart access provider – Victor Visser
  • 20.10 - 20.55: Being intelligent in an age of AI. What values do you adhere to as a designer when using AI? - Astrid Poot
  • 20.55 21.30: Networking and drinks

For whom?

This event is designated for innovation managers, program managers, product owners, CX managers, UX leads and seniors, design team leaders, creatives, policymakers, strategists, and anyone looking for a new perspective on innovation and design.

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Date - Thursday, April 11, 2024

Time - 17:30 - 21:30

Location - Informaat Seinstraat 32, 1223 DA Hilversum

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