Service design

Looking through the eyes of the customer

We look at your total service offering through the eyes of your customers, allowing us to deliver long-lasting improvements as well as design relevant new products or services.

Excellent experiences across all channels

The digital world is changing rapidly. Customer experiences have long since ceased to be limited to a single channel or contact moment. How do you meet high expectations of customers, and keep innovating at the same time? With service design you achieve a clear understanding of your customers and their motives, allowing you to create relevant new services with an optimal experience on all channels and during every contact moment. This allows you to build a sustainable relationship with your customers from the beginning.

Getting to know your customers

In order to design relevant and attractive (digital) services, you need to know who your customers or users are, and what drives them. From qualitative research to interviews, our service designers use different techniques to carry out user research. Focusing on the customer helps ensure that everyone within the organization is aligned, creating added value.

The impact of service design is greater than ever. Service designers not only shape the customer experience, but also work on the perception of employees and the strategy of the organization.

— Marieken Kerkhoven, Service designer

Customer journey as a starting point

Together we analyze (new) services from start to end. A customer journey makes clear what a customer is experiencing. What dialogues do the customers enter into with the organization? What happens on which channel, and how do the touchpoints connect? What are the ‘moments of truth’? In creating better experiences, we don’t forget the technical and organizational impact issues. This creates a complete picture, both in front of and behind the scenes.

Customer journeys

What we can do for you

  • Clearly visualize the needs of your customers or users.
  • Develop and visualize service concepts.
  • Give service design Masterclasses.

Also looking for a helicopter view of your service?

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