Service design

Together we design the future. With services that stand out on customer experience.


Switching to another telecom provider. Receiving medical attention in a hospital. Roadside assistance when you are stranded on the Route du Soleil. Three examples of how an organization can make a difference with a sublime customer experience. This sounds logical, but is not that obvious. You have to design better services deliberately. Service design is the way to make this happen.

We can do this for you

Designing new services

We help you to develop new, fresh concepts and value propositions from scratch. And to stay one step ahead of the competition. Ready for the future!

Improve existing services

Together we will refine your existing service or application, so that people like to come back, talk enthusiastically about it and your brand distinguishes itself better in the market.

Training your organization

With inspiring practice-oriented training and organizational advice, we anchor service design in your organization in a sustainable way. Interested? Follow our service design master class


How do we do that?

With our tools, skills, enthusiasm, and more than 30 years of experience, we offer an approach that fits your question.

Understand and validate
Forming and testing ideas
Create and implement

Understand and validate

Get to know your customer

Everything starts with understanding your customer, what drives him or her? With various research techniques, both qualitative and quantitative, we bring up valuable insights.

Understand the business

We listen to the people in your organization and investigate the leeway in the market.

Validate in time

By making assumptions explicit and validating, we discover in time what the customer really needs and where the opportunities lie in the market. That way you can invest every euro in a targeted way.



Forming and testing ideas

Stimulate creativity

Based on the strategic route, we come up with ideas and assess their feasibility and value. We would like to involve the people who are involved in this. From customers to employees or suppliers.

Iterate for the best concept

We draw storyboards and shape the most promising ideas into a prototype. We test that with customers. In a few iterations we arrive at a validated, viable concept.



Create and implement

A blueprint of your service

A service blueprint guarantees that the concept is sufficiently robust for the complex reality. It provides a schematic representation of what must be done "behind the scenes" to be able to deliver the service.

The path to the future

The concept is ready to be put on the market. We help to map out the roadmap that starts with a first version and ends with a scalable end result.

This is how we make it work

For non-digital services we ensure flawless communication and transfer to the internal organization. For digital services, our designers form the ideal bridge to the agile scrum teams. We are happy to work together to turn the service concept into a working end result.


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