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The 7 Hats of a Design Thinker

March 5

You want a fresh perspective from an external designer or design team on your innovation challenge. Great! But what exactly are you bringing into your 'house'?


User Research: Explore More

March 12

Good research is essential for designing a good service or product. However, it can sometimes be difficult to get it on the agenda or to determine how to approach it.

Design driven by values

March 19

Value-driven design is based on the values that people (consumers, citizens) and organizations have and bases design decisions on those values.

True experience. We design services and solutions that enrich your life

Values-driven exploration

March 26

This webinar gives you an exclusive look into the kitchen of a “value-driven innovation project” that we did with CRV.

Speculatieve toekomstverkenning

GenAI in Design Practice

April 2

We have all taken our first steps in the field of Gen AI. But what is really useful and what are the latest applications for UX designers?

Designing robot

Digital Accessibility

April 9

If we redesign the world differently, fewer people are limited. How can you ensure that everyone feels welcome?

April 16

In this webinar, we want to help you get started with a design system. And we discuss how you, as a designer and developer, play a role in this.

Webinar Design systems

April 23

Do you want more understanding among colleagues about your customers? Visualize usage data in a meaningful way? Or more focus in your user research? Visualizing customer experiences in a customer journey can help.


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